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Monday, 31 October 2011

The End

The future

All good things come to and end. Indeed all crap things come to an end too.

It started from reading beer blogs. The curiosity was mild at first and the amusement greater. Amusement not only that for some drinking was more than throwing it down your neck and getting a little pissed. Amusement at the idea that enjoying a dark pongy liquid made you more discerning, with the darker and pongier being all the better. Amusement at the idea that putting up the price of a slab of supermarket lager would make a difference to the viability of dumpy old men’s pubs and stop pissed up kids from vomiting on the pavement on a Friday night.

It started by making a simple point, that a can of Stella Artois, one of the nation’s most popular beers, wasn’t actually a horrible tasting liquid but a quite pleasant drink. That despite its popular moniker as “wife beater”, a few cans didn’t give me the urge to beat up my girlfriend. It started from the observation that as a customer the cheap price of the beer in supermarkets was actually a bit of a bargain. A nice cheapish way of having a few drinks and relaxing and being no bother to anyone else.

But the curiosity grew and I started to throw a bit of pongy ale down my neck. I didn’t find it too bad. Then I stopped shaving every day. A little stubble from time to time grew into a beard. The girlfriend made the odd comment, but slowly accepted it. Then came the sandals. They are just so freeing. Bang tidy trainers constrain your feet, sandals allow the toes to move in freedom. The beer t shirts started through logic. Why buy clobber if people give it to you for nowt? So beer t shirts became the order of the day. As winter set in what is better than a cheap acrylic 1980’s jumper from a charity shop? They make sense. They are cheap, warm & the washing machine is kind to them. Then the orange Sainsburys bag. They are strong, durable and free. What better way to carry around your tankard, beer guide, festival programme & Greggs Steak Bake? But it’s not about the look; it’s about the slow descent into pong.

It begins by spotting a new label on the hand pull in a pub and “trying” it and deciding it wasn’t too bad. Then you find yourself drinking it more and more and forsaking the gorgeousness of Foster’s for a new brief inconsequential fling. But the fling becomes a romance then a love affair, and then you can no longer look than can of Carling in the ring pull without feeling a sense of shame in your gut. That you are forsaking all that CAMCL has achieved. It’s takes a while but you pull yourself together, you look yourself in the mirror and you say to yourself “I can no longer live a lie”

The squeeze was watching Emmerdale and sipping a white wine spritzer. “We need to talk” I said, She looked over, irritated at first then saw the look on my face. She knew it was serious. “I have something to confess, I am not sure how you will take it” Her look became a cold blank stare. I knew this was make or break for the two of us. “I’m a beer geek” I said. Immediately I felt a wave of relief. There it was, out in the open. No longer would I feel shame. “Oh stop pissing about” She said as she threw a cushion at me and I saw her reaction was not one of fear or loathing or disgust. Was there a little sympathy in that mild irritation I wondered? I had hoped our relationship would survive the revelation, and a glimmer of hope was all I needed to embolden me further.

Next came my parents. Over Sunday lunch the conversation went quiet. I took my chance. “Mum, Dad, I have something to say” They looked at me quizzical as I continued, “I have been living a lie. I can live it no longer. I need to leave the closet” My father’s eyes expanded in surprise “I am a beer geek, I like to drink pongy dark beer, pongy light beer, and the pongier the better. Whether cask, bottle, can or craft. Whether macro or micro, if it reeks I love it. I like to comment on the cascade hops and talk about resinous quality in the after taste. I’M STLL YOUR SON; GODDAMMIT” I put my head in my hands and my father put his arm around me “You’ll always be our son, and we’ll always love you. Even if you’re a beer geek. Have you considered homosexuality? That’s quiet fashionable and may even be healthier than heavy drinking.”- “Beer geekery is fashionable dad. It’s all the rage. Have you not read the cask report? And beer geekery isn’t about getting pissed. We neck pong for the taste, not to get pissed. We are quite boring that way” I replied.

The next thing was to come out to friends. The reaction was “We already knew, we already suspected”. The clues were there. A growing preference for dumpy old men’s pubs. A suggestion we go somewhere where the pong is not vinegary and music quieter and the girls less orange. So what is next?

I went to a beer festival. It was in Didsbury in Manchester. It was very good. There were other beer bloggers there. I spotted the Real Ale Girl at the bar, looking pissed and lairy, but could not say hello whilst still in the closet, no matter how fit her mate was or how pissed me and my mates were. It felt wrong, whilst I was still living this lie, whilst I hadn’t a proper pongy ale blog of my own.

I went up to the CAMRA membership stand and said “I used to be a lager lout. Please forgive me. I used to be one of the ignorami, but I love this old man’s grog now me, even though some of it tastes like a rodents arse. Some of it is the dogs bollocks. Can I sign up? A rather nice lady gave me a form and a pen and it felt like growing up. Afterwards she gave me a hug. I’m getting some Spoons tokens by all accounts. She tried to flog me a beer guide but I told her it was cheaper on Amazon. She had no signed photos of Roger Protz to sell. I presume she had sold out.

Well the final step is to come out publically and end this farce. To stop living a lie. I can no longer blog about Foster’s Lager as I don’t think she’ll have me back. Cooking Lager is done. It’s more than a meaningless fling with the pong. Onwards to a brave future. If at a future festival of pong and vinegar you see a drunk bearded man mumbling, be kind. If he says "I used to be cooking lager but I got cured", offer to top up his tankard.

I’m already writing an AGM motion now I’m in the beards club. It’s titled “Minimum pricing is bollocks and all those that support it are knobs”, but first I’ve got to go into a pub and ask for my CAMRA discount!

Say it loud. I’m a beer geek and proud!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Social anthropology

Hollywood totty Reece Witherspoon liking the lout

Via the wonderful world of twitter I became aware of a couple of things on the internet worth a look. An article of the BBC here, that makes a fair argument regarding the direction of alcohol policy (further reading can be found here). Namely that demonising alcohol and controlling its price are ineffective tools to tackle the favourite tabloid story of “binge drink Britain”. Should you want to know more about binge drink Britain the Daily Mail are fond of such stories, and a good one can be found here. The best bit is always enjoying the excuse of publishing photo’s of pissed up kids whilst expressing the required level of disapproval at the whole “getting pissed and shagging a drunk fat bird” shenanigans of students that don’t yet know any better.

You don’t need me to tell you, but be wary of the Daily Mail. It can appeal attractive with its view that Kelly Brook on holiday wearing a new bikini is newsworthy, but if you’re not careful you’ll find yourself trapped in an insane asylum of your mind where immigrants are tearing at the very fabric of your reality.

If demonising alcohol and controlling its price are ineffective tools to tackle the apparent issue of binge drinking, then you have to assume a different motive for those proposing it, and if they cannot be honest about their motivation why trust them?

Thus you have to assume the true motivation of organisations like alcohol concern is one of gradual denormalisation of alcohol and eventual prohibition. You have to assume CAMRA are not interested in responsible drinking and are disingenuous in their statements and basically think that you are dumb enough to think pub prices are “great value” if only those damn supermarkets didn’t let you know just how cheap the products really are.

The beardies already have a sop for their middle aged and middle class affectation for the pongy products of small inefficient breweries in Small Breweries Relief. You wouldn’t think it acceptable for the small scale manufactures of elite sports cars or tailors specialising in bespoke suits to pay less tax. Why should products used by the better off be subsidised effectively by a higher rate of tax on those enjoyed by the less well off?

The beardies & the prohibitionists ought to be resisted in any attempt to impose higher prices on cheaper alcohol products. Boozer’s everywhere need to tell ‘em to stick it.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Value Cider

Since blogging I’ve been chronicling many of the wonderful products that sit firmly in the “cheap” and “mainstream” category of the drinker’s cannon. My overriding reason for doing so is to offer a counter to the view that such products are crap and instead offer the view that actually most of them are alright and a bargain to boot.

One product I had a go of a while back was “basics” cider, blogged here. A surprisingly cheap and quite pleasant product for those of us for whom “discerning grog appreciation” means throwing it down our necks and enjoying getting a little tidily.

If you look at the latest Gordon’s Gin Commercial here, which nicely pokes a little gentle fun at wine bores whilst promoting a decent mainstream drink with unpretentious values you wonder why so many think aping the pretention of wine bores is any way to promote beer. Beer in most of its forms, pongy ale included, is a decent enjoyable unpretentious drink. Promoting values it already possesses appears a better strategy than copying the nonsense associated with wine.

This post isn’t about beer, it’s about cider. A drink I really only like in its mainstream commercial form. I quite the odd pint of “real” cask pong, I’d run a mile from the rancid gut rot sold as “real” cider. The cheapest mainstream cider fits into the value ranges and unlike the value ranges of beer it actually has an acceptable taste and abv. It’s a bit watery compared with a Magners but not so much as to be unacceptable or unpleasant considering 2 litres can be bought for more or less the same price as 568ml or 500ml if you’re buying a regular brand.

This grog has become a regular guilty pleasure since I discovered it. After a spot of gardening it’s quite nice to sit on a folding camper chair, smell the freshly cut grass and neck a couple of ice cold glasses of fizzy sweetness.

Tesco has to be the brand of choice. Sainsbury’s have shamefully increased the price of theirs to £1.89. Tesco are a more reasonable £1.39. Also Tesco interestingly put the ingredients on the bottle and you’ll be pleased to note the prime ingredient is “fermented cider”.

click to enlarge and read

In order to fully appreciate the nose and bouquet of this fine vintage pick a stemmed glass that enables you to swirl it about and release its aromas. Get your nose in there for a wonderful appley delight and swig with unreserved pleasure. 2 litres gets you nicely on the way to being pissed at a price of mere buttons. Coins you might find between the cushions of your sofa. What’s stopping you?