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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Popular Peoples Front of Judea

This lady has nothing to do with this at all

A couple of developments in beer worth noting and deriding. It appears the People’s Front of Judea has inspired the creation of the Judean Peoples Front & the Popular Peoples Front. Namely CAMRA are not the only beer club to dismiss and deride anymore. Now there is CAMRGB & Craft Beer UK to have a pop at on the blogosphere. Now when having a pop at the “beards and sandals brigade” I shall have to define which popular people’s front these odd balls are associated with rather than just assume. Zak Avery has beaten me to blogging about this exciting development. But I thought a little cynicism and scorn of my own wouldn’t go amiss.

Firstly CAMRGB offers the cooking lager enthusiast possibly the best reason to put twitter on your Smartphone. Simply because you can tweet “DRINK FOSTER’S LAGER” with a #CAMRGB hash tag and it ends up on their website. Who doesn’t want to spend all day doing that? As for the aims and objectives, I’ll let you decide whether you agree with it or think it amusing but harmless rubbish. It’s free to join, by all accounts, making it better than CAMRA but you don’t get anything like Spoons tokens so maybe it’s not as good. Who knows? I guess it’s up to you.

One amusing aspect is the “Donate” using PayPal button. Yup they are after your quid. They’ve not said much about what they are going to do with your quid but they want it. I missed a trick there with CAMCL. I should have begged for donations and offered no clear idea as to what I was going to do with those donations and just bought cheap lager for myself. In terms of actual campaigning for “really good beer” first impressions are they do the sum total of buggar all. The beer festivals highlighted are run by others but heh, their position is clear and it’s free. For now. They might do something if you join and suggest it.

Time will tell if it amounts to anything. Here’s hoping that if it does they have more common sense than to want to kybosh cheap supermarket grog and they all get in the habit of buying packets of razors. I don’t hold much hope. Exchanging a few pleasantries on twitter with the chap running the shebang (I think he’s called Simon) informed me it isn’t just a really good beer club; it’s a socialist really good beer club for the beer comrades. That should be fun then.

As for Craft Beer UK, it appears a producer club rather than beer drinkers club. Just what the industry needs, another trade organisation. If you have a brewery is it worth joining? You have to decide for yourself. Is there a benefit to pooling resources to promote the sector in general or are you better of promoting your own brand on your own? Don’t ask me. What does appear pretty clear is that the membership criterion appears a bit in flux. Yesterday it appeared only open to small brewers making beer the existing members liked. Today it’s a public vote. I guess they have some thinking to do. If I had a brewery I wouldn’t want to join a club that defined “craft” beer as anything that would impede my future business. I might want to build a bigger brewery, expand my market and export at some point. I might rue the day I joined, funded & helped a bunch of upstarts define craft beer in a manner than eventually chucked me out and no longer let my beer be officially “craft” I might see the sense in keeping the definition of the term nicely loose to mean whatever anyone wants it to mean.

Of course, though, whilst Cooking Lager enthusiasts may deride these organisations we can take a sense of pride that we are too busy necking cheap lout to get on with the business of formulating CAMCL into anything other than a vague spiritual notion. To join CAMCL all you have to do is neck a 4 pack of Carlsberg whilst sat on the couch, scratching your ball sack (or whatever if you’re a girl) and belching “Ooo Laa Laa Ga Ga”. Do that and you’re in.


Bailey said...

As far as I can tell, the purpose of CBUK is to send a signal that there might be a demand for something like CBUK and get a bit of conversation going.

Can't quite work out what CAMRGB is about -- just a bit of a joke with an elaborate website, I think, but also useful in prompting conversation.

Some people are annoyed that the conversation is even happening, I think, which says something in itself.

Cooking Lager said...

You're probably right, Bailey. Isn't it amusing when people get annoyed?

I for one welcome new beer geek clubs. They might be popular they might not. More people to joke with.

I liked your comment on Avery's blog too. A craft beer club is exactly what the established beards asked them to do. Why not wish them luck?

Best not send them any money though.

Crayola Sarandon said...

CAMRGB isn't a joke but it IS supposed to be a light-hearted group for people who like a bit of a drink to get together.
That said I am dead serious (as a CAMRA meber myself) that CAMRA need a kick in the pants and reminding that loads of people enjoy loads of beer and most of it's good whether or not fluffy beardy types tell us it's "real".

Craft Beer United Kingdom said...

I've also been a CAMRA member for quite a while (since I turned 18) and I'm getting frustrated with all manner of things. No one else appeared to want to rise to the challenge; so started CBUK to see if anyone else will come out of the woodwork and actually get a UK beer organisation that supports innovation and quality, rather than getting hung up on how its served (although I do think that's important to an extent)

Dick Puddlecote said...

"Simply because you can tweet “DRINK FOSTER’S LAGER” with a #CAMRGB hash tag and it ends up on their website."

You don't half know how to bring the child out of me. Must Resist! ;)

Birkonian said...

I'm hoping to start CAMRATS, the Campaign for Real Ale & Train Spotting. That would be really geeky and I reckon there are lots of prospective members out there.

Cooking Lager said...

Thanks for comments Crayola & Craft. I wish all the best with your endeavour. If you build it they will come.

Go on, Dick. You know you want to.

I'll join that Birk, sounds like my cup of tea. Can we include Greggs pasties?

Anonymous said...

is this a sign that Cooking Lager is moving into gorilla warefare?

Cooking Lager said...

It is a loud jihad, dream.