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Monday, 22 August 2011

A trip to Aldi

Back in a rose tinted past when this blog was a lot better and was yet to go this far downhill, I used to get free stuff. A nice chap, rabidbarfly, sent me some beer along with a Breda beer glass. I had never encountered Breda lager, nor was there an example in the beers I was sent. I did a bit of googling at the time but never forgot the brand as it’s a beer glass I regularly neck cheap lout out of.

Recently I was looking at the beers in Aldi, weighing up the cheap bargains and low and behold there is was, Breda Lager, 99p for 500ml. I got the feeling of excitement I suspect many beer geeks get in finding a beer they have wanted to try. The bottle informs me it is brewed especially for Aldi, a 4.9% adjunct free lout of water, malt & hops.

There was no information on the bottle regarding where the beer was brewed, but wiki has it at Randall’s brewery in Guernsey rather than the original Dutch brewery, as does the breweries own site.

I do like necking lout from branded glassware, and as I had the glass I had to buy a few bottles of the beer. I even had an ill fitting T-Shirt with the brand on and despite the paint stains on it I digged it out of the garage to wear for my lout judging session.

Beer tasting is a fine art. It involves smell, appearance, swilling the beer around, umming and ahhing, making pointed references to fruit and what not. I prefer my own method which is to chill the beer to as cold as you can get it, pour it out and take a big gulp. If it tastes nice thumbs up and if it doesn’t pour a dash of lime in and neck it anyway as I’ve paid for it.

No lime required; a lovely drop of lout. A delicate slightly sweet profile and nicely easily going. I enjoyed all of them. Not necessarily anything special, I’m not sure I’d have bothered had I not already had the glassware, but I’m chuffed to have got around to actually necking a brand of beer of an obscure glass I got given. I might even go get some more of it.


Tandleman said...

Guernsey? Well I never.

Rabidbarfly said...

Back on form Cookie, more please.

Cooking Lager said...

Foster'd Gold coming up.

treble9man said...

I don't usually by lout of any description. I brew my own stuff and tend towards ales anyway. However, I do brew a very pale 4.1%ish ( consistency still escapes me ), using pale and lager malts and 100% Saaz hops. Having read the Breda review I was tempted to do a comparison and guess what.... Breda isn't lout at all! It's a very pleasant, slightly sweet and at 99p bargain beer! Nice one.