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Thursday, 20 January 2011


Campaign news, cooking lager enthusiasts. CAMCL, the Campaign for Cooking Lager is now on facebook.

Why not look up the Campaign and show your support. You can actively campaign for lovely cheap lout not only by buying and necking cheap lager from the supermarket but by joining a facebook group, here.

It may not be as good as other facebook groups, like Driffield Porn Burger Caravan Lads for Junior Apprentice 2011!, but heh, the Campaign is in it's infancy and it's like the power of social networking or something or other


I am Stan said...

Hey, neither of them there links work man, get a grip eh!

Cooking Lager said...

Must be working for some, because already people are joining. One new member even has a beard.

I've been growing one this week so I can study the lesser spotted beer geek at NWAF and observe their habits up close, but am under orders to remove it. It's not even a decent beard, just bumfluff.

Does it ask you to log into facebook and then redirect towards or it it just buggared? Chrome or IE?

I am Stan said...

It says,

The requested Web page is denied by system administrator.

Please contact with the administrator for further information.

Maybe its just me and my comp....:)

Cooking Lager said...

Got the answer. As I do you are pissing about on t'internet at work & your work has restricted access to facebook. When they restrict access to filth, it's time for a new job.

I am Stan said...

Aahhhh I think you're right ha!.
In a bar supping fosters,surfing the net on my Blackberry, cool eh? ;)

Paul Bailey said...

Never mind the content of your blog, Cookie (well-written and entertaining though it is!), I'm sure it's these photo's of large-breasted women, used to illustrate each post, that keeps people coming back to your site!

(I'd have to include myself in that category, of course!!)

Phil said...

Driffield *Porn Burger Caravan* Lads?

(I'm not on FB, although I was at NWAF, although I didn't see you there. Cheers, though.)

Darren said...

again Cooky, nice picture

Cooking Lager said...

More info on the porn buger caravan for facebook refusenicks

@Paul This blog respects and appreciates women and deplores all those other blogs that consider women to be exploitative sex objects. Not that there is anything wrong with sex, but you know, there's hoovering, cooking and ironing to be getting on with, treacle.