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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas crap

Just a short question today for anyone reading this rubbish. Of all the shite you neck at christmas from mulled wine to egg nog to christmas cocktails and punch all to be "polite" when you get dragged around either a relatives house or a relative of your lass all because you can only bear to visit them once a year at best. Is there a drink any more soul destroying than this?

Branded Cava wine from the TV show Loose Women.

As far as fizzy wines go, I can handle Cava . It's cold, it's neckable, it's fizzy but really, there is no need for this.

PS: If you are dumb enough to buy one, you can buy a decent bottle of champagne for the £20 this £4 quid bottle of Cava costs, and which would make the better gift. Loose women Cava, or a bottle of Moet?


Ghost Drinker said...

I just did a similar sort of post, there's a few on mine I'm sure you wouldn't agree with ;)

Cooking Lager said...

but at least the stuff on your blog has the virtue of cheapness, Ghost.

Ghost Drinker said...

I suppose you could leave stella and corona out of it, it's more of a cheapness to strength dilema. I appreciate your love for the can fizz but could you say no to any of the drinks I mentioned?

Darren said...

I keep what I call the shovel list. Its a list of people who need a slap to the back of the head with a shovel. Consider the loose women and people who buy this stuff added.

BTW Cookie get yourself a nice bottle of Saison for Xmas. Expand that bargan basement pallet of your's

delcatto said...

I know it's nearly Christmas and turkeys and all that... but that picture of some tough old birds made me drop my Camra recommended false beard.