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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Minimum pricing

A little bit of news for those that support minimum pricing of alcohol, here.

Public overwhelmingly opposed to cheap alcohol ban in Greater Manchester

76.3 per cent declaring it a bad idea.And 48.7pc said they would travel to shops outside Greater Manchester to dodge the cheap-booze ban.

I tip my hat to the wonderful people Manchester!


Monobrau said...

Hi Cookie,

Not a fan of the minimal price per unit (especially if applied to manchester) but even less of a fan of the proposed increase on duty for beers over 7.5%. Your average problem drinker will just switch to industrial cider while the poor punter who fancies a strong belgian beer for a change from the lout or the pong will have to pay through the nose!

Curmudgeon said...

Well, it's always been clear there's no genuine public demand for this - it's just something that an unpresentative minority of Nanny Staters want to impose on people.

Paul Bailey said...

Well done, Manchester! That's one in the eye for the Nanny State, but I'm afraid they won't go away in a hurry!