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Monday, 29 November 2010

Blog of the year

I love a pint, and I quite like reading beer blogs. I like a can of cheap lager and have even been known to neck the odd pint of old mans beer in a proper pub from time to time which has lead the odd sceptic to question my devotion to cheap lager. Of late I've been necking a fair bit of cheap red wine and not going out because it's cold outside. God invented central heating to keep you indoors so you can watch celebrities in the jungle then throw the squeeze over your shoulder, run up the stairs and declare an early night is in order. Occasionally I like to take the piss out of the beer blogs I read, but every so often somebody comes along and says all that needs saying.

"All due respect to the stars of the beer blogosphere, but I’d rather be the arbiter of my own tastes."

A can of lout is raised to your good health, Sir.

I'm off now to discover the difference between "craft" lout and "real" lout. I may be some time.


Darren said...

I'll drink to that!

Mark, said...

I'd rather be the arbiter of my own tastes too. Sláinte to that!

Phil said...

I agree with Anonymous.

Cooking Lager said...

Thank you Anonymous for one of the better comments received in the history of the blog.

Anonymous said...

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