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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Under the influence

Beer blogging gets a mention in a lads mag. Ask men UK. Crikey. Is beer blogging influential? I have to say this, but I hope not. I really hope not, otherwise the world will fill up with people with beards drinking unusual grog from preposterous glasses. The world could not cope.

Tandy & Zak, spotted it first but can I suggest this page to be a better bit of the Ask Men UK, website? Alternatively you can never go wrong with Nuts Magazine, if it's lads mags you are after. More knockers for your pennies. Alternatively, this is the link to stick into your favourites if you're an Ask Men reader that's decided to look at beer blogs.


TIW said...

Well deserved, Mr Lager.

Tyson said...

It's no use trying to hide behind the facade of birds and knockers now. You've been exposed as a sophisticate influencer!

Upside: More free stuff
Downside: Now you're an official member of the beer geek club.