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Monday, 4 October 2010

Strictly Lovely Lout

I drank some proper lager this weekend. Reading beer blogs must be rubbing off on me. Didn’t pay for it, mind you. Twas stuff Glynn sent me a while back when he had a lager festival on at his gaff. There’s nowt quite like a drop of lout, when you’re watching Strictly Come Dancing with the missus.

When it comes to watching rubbish on the telly, I have to confess to quite liking Strictly. There’s the odd tasty lass in it, oh and Ann Widdecome. Not sure who the most fanciable one is yet, but Kara Tointon, Michelle Williams & Tina O’Brian all get my vote. If I was inclined to vote, which by and large I am not. I have a suspicion the votes of this household will be going to Gavin Henson, as the squeezes pick.

Sat on the sofa, scratching my nads and picking my nose I cracked open a bottle of Haviestoun Schiehallion Pilsner. (Worlds best apparently) A 4.8% grog. Named from a famous Scottish mountain and made with hersbruker hops, barley & wheat. Reading beer bottle labels, the sign of a geek if ever there was.

Pouring it out it had a fresh citrusy smell with a woody slightly microbrewed craft ale taste to it but without the gag reflex associated with micro brewed ale. This was followed by a more conventional lagered hop dryness. The dry bitterness rounded itself off nicely on the aftertaste into a nice little tongue tingle. Kinda good. I necked it quickly and finished with a satisfying belch. Decent lout.

Another lout? Be rude not to. Mitchell Krause No1 Czech Pilsner. 4.2% and brewed in that well known part of the Czech republic, Workington, Cumbria. All malt, soft water & noble bohemian saaz hops. A lighter more conventional lout. Not much by way of aroma/pong and quite a subtle taste. On a swig rather than sip you get more a hint of bitterness and a satisfying dryness around the mouth. Another drinkable drop.

Two pints down, I opened a smaller bottle before dragging the squeeze upstairs. St Mungo Pure Heavenly Lager. Who thinks of these names? 4.9%, brewed in West Glasgow and adhering to the German purity law and winner of a “Gesellschaft award in 2009”

This was all together more what to expect for a lager. A sharp crispness, light on the sweetness with a lingering loutish pleasure. Proper lout, Bang on. All decent stuff and very welcome.


Graeme Mitchell said...

How did Ann Widdecombe look after the three beers?

Cooking Lager said...

No better, Graeme. Like a smacked arse.

Felicity Kendal if you fancy a bit of granny grabbing.

Barm said...

None of those are lout.

St Mungo is actually brewed in East Glasgow. Don't ask me why the brewery is called West.

Beer Sagas said...

I have tried Haviestoun Schiehallion Pilsner, and I liked it a lot.

Buy the way, it costs about 10 pounds a bottle at the local bar here in Norway...