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Monday, 6 September 2010

A new glass

Over the previous Bank Holiday weekend I picked up 24 cans of Foster's for £10 at Tesco's. An offer that appeared to last only for that weekend, so it's a bit useless to mention it now.

I only mention it because this weekend I opened one of them, noticing not only have they redesigned the can but there is a new Foster's glass to nick, as pictured on the box. Is is possible to drink it out of the old glass? I had to test the thesis.

I still have an old one, you can see it here, but a new one is a new one. I have a problem though. I think the new glass is butt ugly. What is going on with that top bit?

Is this a plan by large brewers? Have branded glasses, but make them too ugly to nick? I was thinking of nicking one anyway, but I could never drink out of it. It is that ugly. So why pay £3 in a boozer for an ugly looking pint of lovely lout, and leave the glass on the table?

Please Foster's, bin it and offer me and others, loyal light fingered cheap lager drinkers with a propensity towards petty theft, something nicer to steal.


Tandleman said...

A heartfelt plea if ever there was one.

Barm said...

Most branded glasses, at least in this country, are already too ugly to nick anyway.

ChrisM said...

The top bit is a very clever ploy to make people think they're drinking out of an oversize pint glass, and serve liquid up to the line and froth thereafter. Every pub I've seen has served it like that, rather than as the photo suggests.

Barm said...

Less Foster's in the glass sounds like an improvement.