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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Chemical Fizz

Join the great "Chemical Fizz" debate here.

It means signing up to the CAMRA forums, and really I should not be encouraging that sort of thing, but it means you can express your view on whether lovely ice cold lout is indeed "Chemical Fizz", and if so how?

It is your opportunity to debate with the venerable and much respected CAMRA icon, Richard English, who can be relied on to articulate the CAMRA perspective eloquently and accurately. If there is anything about CAMRA you need to know, Richard is your man. Join in the fun.

Please however, beware of them CAMRA types. They are an odd bunch and take whatever is on their website with a pinch of salt, lest it discourage you from gorgeous cheap lager.

What am I doing on there? It's all Mudgies fault as he post links to this forum on his blog, from time to time. It's free, you don't have to bung 'em the £20 CAMRA joining fee, buy a pair of sandals, grow a beard or wear a "what are you afraid of lager boy" T-Shirt.


Tandleman said...

I think you'll find Richard English speaks only for himself.

Cooking Lager said...

Really? reading this thread

I kinda think that Richard is about maybe 2nd in the hierarchy after Protzy, no?

I understand the rank and file like you and mudge may be more cosmopolitan in your outlook, but it's good to debate with one of the main men like Richard.

Tandleman said...

If that's what you believe, more power to your elbow!

Curmudgeon said...

I was interested (although not entirely suprised) to learn that Richard English drives an elderly Rolls-Royce. Although his photo doesn't show him with one, he sounds like the kind of guy who wears a bow tie ;-)

Incidentally, Cookie, I was made an offer of some free grog for review today, so your luck must be rubbing off on me :-)

Montague said...

I am well familar with Mr. English. He's been on many a US homebrew forum, spouting absolute bullshit. These people really need multiple hobbies.