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Monday, 19 July 2010

Dave's Beer

I feel like the Pub Curmudgeon in having a moan about the nanny state, but I have just returned from a trip to the dentist. A routine six monthly check up, no problems. The usual prodding about, followed by a clean & a suggestion to floss. What made it slightly unusual was a preceding discussion in regard to my personal habits. How much do I drink? Answer “Dunno, what’s the average?” Do I smoke? Do I eat sweets, do I drink sugary drinks?

Now some of these I might expect. You expect a dentist to tell you the usual gubbins about toffees and pop, and even I suspect to want to know whether the patient smoked as that affects oral hygiene, but is it any of my dentists business that I am a piss head? I was tempted to tell her “I’m an internationally renowned beer writer me like Protz, Avery, Brown & Dredge and head of the campaign for the greater appreciation of cooking lager and a right proper piss head. So what?” Maybe I’m being a little over sensitive here to the personal intrusion, but you know what, I can accept my doctor asking but what has it really got to do with whether I need a filling?

On a more positive note, guess what I got given by the wonderful human being that is Hardnott Dave, brewer and artist formerly known as Woolpack Dave? Only a free gratis bottle of his grog. Nice one Dave. The bottle informs me that it is a rather challenging beverage and I’m reminded of a scene in the film Withnail and I where Danny says “don't get uptight with me, man. Because if you do, I'll have to give you a dose of medicine. And if I spike you, you'll know you've been spoken to.

Well, I shall enjoy it even if it is an attempt to medicine me with a beer of character and flavour. I’m gonna have to take my dentists advice and get necking some of this free grog. I might even tell you all what I think of it. If it touches the sides that is.

Keep the free beer coming, folks. You’ll convert me away from cheap lout eventually, it’s only a matter of time.


The Beer Nut said...

I suspect dehydration may be the linking factor between dental health and the sauce. But don't take my word for it: last time I went to the dentist, John Major was prime minister.

Cooking Lager said...

If there is a clinical reason, there is a clinical reason. Maybe she just didn't like my reply when asked whether I minded being seen by a different dentist. "So long as you're qualified"

John said...

I would never have expected that question at the dentist! I wonder if I'll get the same treatment at my routine visit scheduled next week...

mentaldental said...

Nah, drinking is good for your dental health! Well not really. Smoking is crap for it though.

Us dentists ask this sort of stuff because of the link between oral cancer, alcohol consumption and smoking. The government want us to do this sort of stuff.

I'd rather talk to my patients about beer though, especially in the pub at the end of the road.

michael-j said...

also isn't wine (both red and white) bad for your teeth (not sure about beer) so it's not a totally irrelevant question?

jesusjohn said...

We sometimes forget as we're only in for our pegs that dentists are pretty well qualified on all matters of oral health. So the questions about booze probably relate to mouth cancer: 'Alcohol is a major risk factor for oral cancer [...] People who both drink and smoke have a much higher risk of oral cancer than those using only alcohol or tobacco.'

It's certainly not, therefore, impertinent for a dentist to touch on these issues so long as they don't pry. But you'd think that if they were to ask the question for that reason they'd explain to you rather than just leaving it hanging there with you thinking they were just being cheeky.