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Thursday, 18 February 2010

AS Live FABPOW! Rustlers & Beck’s

AS Live FABPOW! Rustlers & Beck’s

20.08: I believe in the new media circles this is what is known as a mash-up: it’s an As-Live Tasting meets a FABPOW. Yeh get with it daddio’s, it’s bitchin’

20.12: First of all you are all probably thinking the same thing: why the hell is he drinking lout? Especially during a Food and Beer Pairing of the Week? Well, this lout was cheap therefore it’s good enough for me. Plus, this particular lout is 5% so that’s doubly okay. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.15: I put the Rustlers burger in the microwave. 0 to tasty in 60 seconds. The microwave goes ping and I take it out and put ketchup on it. Perfect. The ketchup makes a great topping (although, to be honest, can you really beat ketchup?!). FABPOW, bitchin'

20.18: Writing is distracting me from eating. I can see why I’ve never done an As-Live FABPOW before, logistically it’s awkward. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.21: On to the lout. Its Beck’s 5%, It pours an electrifying golden colour with those fast-paced bubbles that hurry to the top. It’s not one of those pints of pongy ale that smells like horse shit and comes with a few stray pieces of straw in the pint glass, this is one of those crisp clean louts and, thankfully, fizzy. It’s clean and crisp, I want to say it’s bitter but then I remember its lout, so that dryness I taste is from the lout, and it manages to retain a certain loutish character, which is nice. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.25: The burger is gobbled down. It worked a treat with the lout; matching up perfectly. FABPOW! FABPOW, bitchin'

20.28: You know what I’ve always wanted someone to brew for me? A free box of lout that costs me nowt. I want that beer with a huge stack of free hamburgers. The trouble is no one will give me any free lout, dammit. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.30: I just spilt some lout on my chin. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.31: Oh yeah, I’m doing this a day early because if I did it tomorrow and posted it at 9pm then it’s too late, of course. And you could nuke this burger anytime, that’d be great. I only used lout because cheap lout is all I ever buy. Ta-da. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.36: I like a drop of lout. My drinking days began with lout and will end with lout (killer stuff). A few years later it was always the first and last drink I chose at anywhere I was and I’ve had some dodgy old pints of pongy ale over the last few years. Perhaps the most memorable (or not...) experience was a nice bottle of lout I once drank on a beach. After that there was some dancing. Ooof. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.42: Being distracted by the terrible TV that the squeeze is watching... FABPOW, bitchin'

20.45: Having inappropriate sexual thoughts about a female character in a soap opera. No it’s not Peggy Mitchell. And I’ve just realised that I haven’t done an As-Live Tasting for AGES! FABPOW, bitchin'

20.49: Musing about how great MSG is, how all the great chefs are discovering Umani, how basically it’s just glutamate and how popular MSG is in Asia, how demonised it is in the west, how foods now advertise MSG free, and how Rustlers is a great source of MSG, and if you don’t like MSG you really really ought to read this here. It may be from the guardian, but don’t let that put you off. FABPOW, bitchin'

20.53: That’s me done with an As-Live FABPOW Mash-up. Time to see if the squeeze fancies popping up stairs. FABPOW bitching dudes. FABPOW, bitchin'

Inspired by the beer writer of the century, Dredgie, Cheers Fella. FABPOW, bitchin'


Mark said...

Brilliant! That works perfectly :)

Cooking Lager said...

You force all beer bloggers to raise their game, Dredgie. Keep it up, it inspires.

Velky Al said...

just as well your posts are worth reading Cookie, give the picture in your header would make it difficult to focus otherwise!

Whorst said...

The day you record a track, is the day I'm done. FAB FUCKING POW!!

ZakAvery said...

Nice to see you dishing the dirt on MSG, a much maligned, largely harmless and naturally occurring compound, and fully in keeping with you Campaign for Real Lout (or whatever you've called it).

By the way, can I move for the first beer in the poll to be renamed Gary Glitter's Paedoph-Ale

Whorst said...

At least he's not chronicling a recipe for chicken livers!

Cooking Lager said...

That's the second mention of Paedoph-Ale. I like it. Can't change a poll after people vote but if Glitter wins it's Paedoph-Ale.

Tandleman said...

"just as well your posts are worth reading Cookie, give the picture in your header would make it difficult to focus otherwise!"

What? There are posts as well?

Cooking Lager said...

Any lout at your pong festivals yet Tandy?

Tandleman said...

No sign Mate.