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Friday, 22 January 2010

Coors Light

Swigging a bit of Coors Light last night after seeing a six pack in the supermarket for £2. Not a national offer, I think they were shifting old stock. Which got me thinking that whenever I have necked this grog it’s usually an offer on old stock. Its never promoted in big cheap boxes. At least it was within its sell by date, though. I used to neck this grog regularly, but that stuff was all past its sell by date. So it was interesting to compare the bouquet and flavour of the beer pre and post date. Not a lot to compare really. It’s flavourless watery grog that slips down nicely. Light of flavour and light on calories according to the bottle. The lady squeeze likes this one and joined me for a bottle. She even managed a belch.

A few years back this was one of my staple beers and necking it brought back memories of flat sharing and the single life. Back before I met the squeeze I was living in a small flat when an old school friend came over for the weekend and decided not to return home to his mothers and instead kip on my couch for 6 months. He ended up getting a bum job at the local Spar and one of the perks was a staff discount card. The regular grog that never shifted and hit its sell by date was Coors Light, so he got it for nowt and filled the fridge with it. He bought groceries occasionally and kept the fridge stocked with whatever grog he acquired from his employer. Not really sure whether he technically nicked it, bought it for tuppence or got given it. Either way we disposed of the evidence whilst playing car racing games on the playstation.

One interesting point I remember of my uninvited guest was his attitude to Tesco. Tesco opened an Express store near the Spar and suddenly the fridge was full of Tesco food rather than out of date Ginsters pilfered from the Spar. When I asked him why he wasn’t supporting his employer by either using his staff discount card or stealing he told me he preferred Tesco and that now it had opened the job was great ‘cos he and the boss eyed cashier girl he was chasing had nothing to do. I saw the writing on the wall. Within a couple of months I was out with them both for the Spar redundancy party and that’s where I saw a tasty group of lasses across the bar and chatted up the chubby mate of the current squeeze. A fact I get reminded of from time to time. Now the reason I chatted her mate up was like most chaps I’m a tad intimidated by beautiful women and thought I stood a better chance of a shag off her mate. Turns out I was wrong. The squeeze pulled me and six months later I was explaining to my flatmate that he had to pay the rent now or move out because I was getting mortgaged up with my bird and no he could not come live with us because the squeeze was freaked out about hearing him whack off in the living room whilst the squeeze and I were in my bedroom.

So that’s the part Coors Light has played in my life. Playstation fodder. Tastes great whether within its sell by date or outside of it. Hope to see it in the bargain bin more often.


Whorst said...

Nice article. I enjoy the insights to your life. I read your twitter updates as well. It's good you document(chronicle)your poopies from time to time. I fantasize about having a poop analysis done by Gillian McKeith. Mine(poopies)are pretty nice. Well, I eat a great deal of fruit and veg. I bet Herr'man has some really rotten poops!

Have a great weekend and may all your poopies be streamlined jewels! Cheers to a healthy life!

Cooking Lager said...

Today's cleavage is in your honour my friend.

Leigh said...

CL, I can confirm that I was not drawn to this post by that wonderful piccy. Really. I'm sure the Coors Strumpet in it has a wonderful personality, and some interesting views on Decoction Mashing.

First Stater said...

I went to the Coors Light website and see there is a contest to win tickets to a Superbowl Party. I cannot believe you have time to do this blog stuff on the interweb when there is free Coors Light cooking lager and American Football, the one that real men play, to be won. You can alway neck a few beers in between entries forms. Or you can put out the word in the blogosphere for all to enter for you, I figure a few million entries can up your percentages.