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Monday, 21 December 2009

Zak Part II

Worlds greatest beer blogger, Zak Avery, here explores the best food to go with cooking lager. As you might expect our Zak doesn't go with Pot Noodle, but then you expect something a little different from a man that frankly wipes the floor with the likes of Roger Protz, Michael Jackson ( the none kiddie fiddler one) and Pete Brown to stand as a giant among men in the world of beer. Zak chooses an eclectic snack which makes the beer enthusiast stand up, take note, and challenges what we think we know. Take it away Zak.


Whorst said...

I've got to get myself some fish paste!

Cooking Lager said...

On toast, my friend. If Zak says it is the best beer snack who are we to argue?

B-Dang said...

thats nasty!! i got some fromunda cheese if ya guys what some for your toast!