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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

War, war is stupid, 'cos people are stupid

Been letting the cooking lager side down a bit of late I feel, by not blogging so it’s time to up the ante.

Firstly I am looking for a fellow beer blogger I can have a “war” with, as this appears common in the beer blogging world and I’ve no one to fight with. Rules are like this. We start by making abusive comments on each other’s blog and take it from there. We call each other fat and such. That’s the idea. Applications below.

Oh and before I forget. The smoking ban. It’s great isn’t it? On the rare occasion I lower myself to step into a pub, aren’t they a lot nicer now the filthy dirty smelly smokers are kicked outside into the cold? Who cares that they are all empty? At least you can get a seat. I really couldn’t give a toss about the rights of smokers. They can’t chase you to thump you. They all wheeze with emphysema if they run a yard. Buggar them.

Disagree below, with abuse, and let battle commence.


B-Dang said...

the ban on smoking is the shape of things to come soon thare will be a ban on cooking lager than you might be tooting a diffrent horn!!

Cooking Lager said...

No one would dare ban cooking lager. Seen a cooking lager enthusiast? We are pictures of fitness and health, you would not dare kick off with one. Seen a smoker? Coughing ill looking cancer ridden coffin dodgers the lot of them. Easy target. Like the fatties, they won't be chasing anyone without wheezing a deathly last cough.

The old "you're next" argument is cock.

Wurst/Whorst- Brewing Arts Instructor, CEO APRK said...

I would not be a good candidate for a fight. I hold too much respect for you Cookie. It would be half assed. Now that video beer review guy, well, he'd be wearing his ass up around his shoulders when I got done with him. I'm not talking about Avery either. Avery's untouchable.

B-Dang said...

"We are pictures of fitness and health" right thats why the call it a BEER BELLY, look i'am not looking for a fight if i was i would be post on fat boy gazzas site i'am just saying the way the goverment is sticking their noses where they dont belong its just a matter of time.

P.S iam a fan of your blog not meaning any disrespect

Cooking Lager said...

Respect to you too B Dang, but I did say that on this post, it's fighting time. With other bloggers deleting posts and me in particular enjoying those that call each other fat and gay and what not, but not wanting to do that myself on the blogs of others outa respect and stuff, I thought I'd have a scrap in my own gaff.

I'm in the mood for a scrap. Kicking off with the cancer puffers appears the best way. Anyone mention smoking gives you a limp dick yet?

You wanna do as the government says B Dang and give up the filthy habit.

Tandleman said...

I think you already know the answer to your question.

Just get on with it and the rest will follow.

Tim said...

By the mere fact that I am posting something here means that someone will disagree with me and spam my website.

I feel sorry for you sometimes Cookie. Stuck up north with all those tickers, CAMRA freaks, Gazza and anonymous trolls.