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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Saving mild !

One of the key things I’ve picked up from the beer blogging community is a concept called “group think” Now I’m not going to accuse the beer blogging community of avoiding conflict; a good argument is from time to time a right laugh. Especially when people start calling each other scum. It’s more a case of positive re-enforcement of a particular viewpoint. Lots of people reinforcing each other’s opinions, not because it’s the truth, but because they like to establish a truth they want to believe in.

A case in point is the subject of general health. We all know that the sauce isn’t good for us, but a moderate amount of the sauce isn’t too bad. We also know that carrying a few extra pounds (on the waist not wallet) is none too clever. However it never ceases to amaze me that perfectly reasonable government advice to drink less, exercise more, eat healthily is dismissed as health fascism of a nanny state. That evidence that supports drinking or whatever established opinion that is firmly held is given the thumbs up and used to reinforce existing prejudice and evidence that contradicts a treasured opinion is dismissed, usually by insulting the doctor or health professional expressing the view.

Now I’m not going to get into the business of units, whether they are meaningful or whether they are made up and plucked from thin air. People come in different shapes and sizes and I guess that most averages lack meaning unless of course you fall into “average”

Here in the UK billions of tax payer cash is thrown into a National Health Service and I’ve no problem with the NHS and support it in principle. However it seems perfectly reasonable for the government to advertise healthier lifestyles as a way of more effectively utilizing the resources of the NHS. If McDonalds can advertise crap, why shouldn’t there be a counter view based on science and best current nutritional thinking? It’s still a free country, guv.

Now for the past week or two I’ve been cutting back on the sauce and I have lost about a stone. That’s 14 pounds or 7 kilo’s. Not bad. All by cutting down on the grog, knocking on the head chippy lunches and mid morning snickers bars, and eating a salad or two. I feel better for it, my trousers fit me comfortably again. It’s win win. Are you a fat biffer? Check here or here and lay off the grog for a week or two for an easy way of dropping the pounds. That’s my tip, folks.

However I cut back on the grog, didn’t cut it out. A weekend isn’t a weekend without a pint. A pint of what though eh? I read this or more pertinently this and discovered some interesting shit. Mild is a low calorie drink. 136 calories a pint. That’s less than Coors Light that comes in at 88 calories a half pint bottle or 176 calories a pint. Now that’s not common knowledge is it? Or is it? Does everyone know this? Now I’ve never had a pint of mild in my life. It’s cheap nasty old man’s piss water. However I had a couple of pints (fractionally more calories than 1 pint of Stella in 2 pints of mild) and discovered it’s actually not that bad. It was cask ale, but not pongy. Little flavour and weak as piss. I also discovered the ale jihadists’ campaign to save this dying beer style.

Have they thought about simply pointing out to modern metro sexual chaps like me that like a pint but have no intention of becoming fat blokes with beards that mild is a low calorie grog? Just a thought. I doubt it’ll be my last pint of mild. It’s not great beer, but it’s cheap and low calorie. Anyway enough of this, I’ve an appointment for a back, sack and crack then another appointment for a tan and manicure. Looking gorgeous. Chin Chin


Wurst/Whorst- Brewing Arts Instructor, CEO APRK said...

You complete me! :)

Kristy said...

Calories in Mild 137 v Lager 190
Calories in Lettuce 4 v Chips 394

Yup - it'll definitely be switching to the Mild what did it!!

Woolpack Dave said...

Can't possibly have metro sexual blokes drinking mild for goodness sake, what is that world coming to?

Blokes that drink real ale have hairy balls, everybody knows that. Just you stick to the lout if your going to carry on with this back, sack and crack palaver.

Dear me, you'll be trading HP for vinaigrette next.

Tandleman said...

Anyway all this self denial won't make you live longer. It'll just feel like it.

Cooking Lager said...

It ain't about living longer, Tandy, it's about not having to buy new trousers. Though I went to far, I think, and had to dig up some belts I had in the cupboard.