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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Probably the best lout in the world

The nights are drawing in; the days are gray and the night’s dark. What could be finer than sitting in with some lovely cooking lager and not venturing out? I was thinking recently, which is something I really ought to give up doing because it doesn’t make me happy, that if it wasn’t for Xmas the country would shut down until spring. The xmas season is approaching and I’ll inevitably be forced to go out and mingle with friends, colleagues and associates when all I really want to do is sit in, remote in one hand, can of lout in the other and wait for spring. I could comment on the news and this interested me as did McBroons promise to crack down on drunken yobs. But I cannot be bothered. What matters it to a humble cooking lager enthusiast the empty promises of charlatans?

All I want is a nice sit down and a nice drop of lout. The missus bought some Carlsberg Export when she last went shopping, and whilst she doesn’t yet have the grasp of arithmetical skills that I am attempting to impart upon her, her heart is in the right place. She paid $8.98 for 18 half pint bottles. That’s a pound a pint. Pound a pint? Crickey, we win the lottery or something? Still, it’s nice that she buys lout when on a shop without me. Could love have any deeper or truer meaning?

So I drank my lout in the spirit that it was purchased. I drank it as an act of love. The love of lout and the love of a tasty lass that’s figured out how to keep a chap.

So what can be said of Carlsberg Export? It’s a tasty all malt brew of 5%, better it has to be said than many a 5% lager, without being a nasty pongy complex beer that would challenge. Carlsberg used to advertise as a sophisticated choice, but these days it has taken a tip from Carling and opted for a close relationship to the game of association football. Recently it replaced Coors as the main lout in the Spoons chain, which may or may not be a good thing. If it enabled higher volumes and more competitive off trade prices, thumbs up, if it means they are not so desperate to shift volume in the off trade and sell for tuppence, thumbs down.

But it’s the flavour that matters here in the beer blogosphere, and it didn’t disappoint. A decent British brewed lout that had me wondering why I hadn’t had a Carlsberg for a while. So I had another. It looks cold out. If only I could work from home, then I’d never have to leave the house. Never mind, I have a whole box of this delight.


Curmudgeon said...

"the days are gray" ... "$8.98" - you've not emigrated across the pond, have you?

Cooking Lager said...

Thinking abour it, Curmudgy. Hate the winter. Want to stay in till spring and have food/booze delivered "Margot" style. Thinking about shifting to a hot country, but the lady squeeze want to be near her mother and friends. I dislike my family and friends so the farther the better, but she had odd ideas does the lady squeeze. Women eh?

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