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Monday, 28 September 2009

All publicity is good publicity

After reading lots of tedious shit about Brewdog Tokyo, a strong grog from a company that thinks all publicity is good publicity (they want to talk to Gary Glitter) if it means they can sting mug punters with more money than sense, I’m wondering whose gonna be first to review this pisswater? £2.49. For something so piss weak it’s not beer. Please, spare me.
It's all clever marketing. I'd rather drink Turps.


aealvid aparesly said...

yeh matee u neonazi. i came seesaw across your blog, boredom ensued.. your palate questionable; logic inferior. goodnight

Cooking Lager said...

The best comment I've ever recieved. I thank you.

Woolpack Dave said...

Well done, you finally got somebody to call you a Nazi. Bet you're chuffed at that.

I wouldn't buy beer at that strength, but I'd gladly review it if I was sent a see,I can stoop as low as you if I try.

Oh, and I liked all the tedious shit about Tokyo*.