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Monday, 14 September 2009

A nice cup of tea

After my excesses on the Galahad lager, Sunday was day for sipping tea. I post a stock photo, again, instead of my actual cup of tea what I drank, just in case any loon wishes to disbelieve I had a cup of tea. Umm a nice cup of tea.

I notice this in the news and it amuses me. Who is their right mind goes into pubs and pays pub prices? I am also warmed by the notion that cooking lager appreciation is a respected niche in the beer appreciation world, here. Cooking lager connoisseurs are the future.

Look at any car mechanic. They know about cars. What do they drive? They drive a cheap runabout that costs next to nowt. Drive a bespoke hand built motor created by artisans? Nah. Likewise, your typical common or garden variety cooking lager enthusiasts know what beer is about and necks high quality mass produced cheap lout. The industrial scale process ensures the maximum sugars are extracted into the wort and a consistency you cannot get knocking pongy grog up in a shed. It’s thus possible to produce natural refreshing lout at cheap prices that is nowhere near being the chemical piss the ill informed ale jihadist would have you believe.

Pick a commodity and ask yourself this, what was the price 10 years ago and what is the price now? A McMeal was just under £3, now it's just over. A can of beans and loaf of bread was a few pence cheaper then to now. The price of a pint in a grotty pub has risen over that time by over double.

You gotta laugh when you see the prices charged in pubs. Laugh all the way to Tesco.


Kristy said...

Just saw this on TV and thought of you....

Cooking Lager said...

You are a true lady, Kristy