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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

They're here already, you're next

As I've been off the pop due to the trousers getting tight and not wanting to turn into a fat bloke, like most beer fans. (Yes even cooking lager has calories, not only pongy ale) what to blog about?
One of the joys of beer blogging is commenting on the news. Whenever a beer related news story occurs you have your own forum to offer the world your opinion. When I read this yesterday I had to laugh. I also read this and deny categorically that I was in fact saving myself the £3-4 for a copy of the magazine and gorping at Sienna Miller in her smalls online for free. Other bloggers have offered there opinion here and here, though I can appreciate opinions that take it more seriously than my chuckle. Why would I want to steal nasty plastic glasses? I’d have to buy beer glasses for my drinking. Would the freaks with the pewter tankards be barred? When you take it alongside the Oldham measures, it really does appear that that there is a government plan to make pubs and bars as deeply unappealing as possible.

If we take the view that everyone is broadly the same, then anti social behaviour is the fault of society and the solution one that everyone must accept and pay for. That would make you a bit of a guardian reading socialist though. If you take the view that not everyone is the same. That people are unequal in ability, intelligence and basic decency, you conclude the view that decent people behave themselves and crime is committed by criminals. That leads you to the conclusion that criminals ought to be targeted in terms of crime prevention, and decent people informed how they can avoid being victims without being victimized by the measures.

So if you want pubs and bars that are civilised environments, like what you enjoy in continental Europe, what type of people do you want to attract to into bars and what type of people do you wish to discourage from bars?

I’ll say only this. I consider myself a fairly decent law abiding sort of bloke. If I have to go for a night out my aim is to rattle the lady squeeze at the end of the evening, not fight or glass someone with a Ben Sherman shirt on, shaved head and tattoos. Or god forbid ear rings. I even saw a middle aged bloke the other day with an ear ring. What’s that about? Homosexual or pirate, you decide.

Anyway I digress; I dislike bars and pubs at the best of times. Two drink limits, post office style queues, plastic glasses, it all adds up to the following. If it were the norm I would never venture out for a pint. My infrequent visits would reduce to none. So who would be out and about in the pubs and bars accepting this crap? Yobs and thugs and the type of retards that accept being infantilized.

Want to go for a drink in a bar where bottles of alco-pops and Beck’s lager are already served in plastic bottles? Check out the The Office in Concert Square, and the old Arena Bar both in Liverpool. Not that I ever been in either. It’s just that my Huggy Bear, word on the street, told me it’s already happening. To paraphrase Invasion of the Body Snatchers. “They're here already, you’re next”

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Woolpack Dave said...

Shit people go to shit bars because they are shit, so lets make them even more shit, so more shit people go to them and they become even more shit.

I think this might be called a vicious circle.